modification Honda C70

Of all the variants of Honda motor output, perhaps Honda c series or often people call Honda super cup is the most popular. History records until 2008 motor production of these variants has reached 60 million units. a remarkable achievement in the automotive world.

  Development of a model
       The emergence of Honda super cup begins with c100, launched in 1958. Basic is F series Honda engine with a capacity of 50 cc. Later in 1960, Honda launched the C102 and C110 series. All three carry a capacity of 49 cc OHV. Introduced in 1965 C50, C50 engine capacity is almost the same as its predecessor, but has been carrying the OHC technology. C90 that use larger capacity engine came out in 1966. Meanwhile, in 1969, Honda issued a C70 with a capacity of 71.8 cc.

Honda cub in Indonesia
       Honda cub began to circulate in Indonesia in 1961, the Honda C50, also known as honda Unyil. The engine itself a capacity of 50 cc. This model lasted until 1965.

  Later in the period 1966 to 1973 Honda emit C50, C70, C90. There are some changes compared to the previous model, including its position handlebar headlamp. The third generation Honda cub produced from 1973 to 1980. Design body underwent some changes from the previous generation. Among the shape of the tank and seat model made ​​together. In the early 80s honda Honda launches supercub 700 and 800, which experienced a substantial change in terms of body design. Then followed by the emergence of Astrea star and prime. that is the basic models of Honda's next-generation duck.

     technical specifications honda cub series

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