modif motor wing Jap's style

For Ilham Ramadan, personalize the motor wing Jap's style is nearly this diet. To alter the design of the Scorpio-Z style such as this, not something hard to do. Because formerly there has been four to at least one school of Scorpio Z overhauled.

Ilham, chairman of U-Colour modifkasi house Depok, was very taking into consideration the flow of older motors retro shades, specially the Jap's style. Many modifications were born from his hands, although possibly the two-wheeled steeds career overhaul a smaller amount way back when developed.

"Fortunately, the automobile had a simple overhaul. So, quite simple. In addition, she also likes to bike this flow, "mentioned Ilham formerly enthusiast off-road four-wheel drive.

modificationVisit Scorpio. For your work, although you'll find slight versions inside the direction of discoloration. If more calm just before nowhere and white-colored, many clients are actually asking for somewhat contrived ngejreng.

When finished fostering in the body and frame are produced getting an awful concept bobber, he orders the immediate vent candytone Dupont color orange. Not just in the frame and the entire body, the tank appeared to become hit it just a little fancy colors.

Scorpio-Z does appear enjoy it seems more classy, ??but nevertheless calm and dynamic after some black round the left-right box. Same goes with the color within the rim model upside lower, also called large rim diameter in-front and behind the rim from the small ring that's manifestation of the flow Nasty.

Your Swallow 120/80-18 front tire and rear tire size 150/70-17 gambot Michellin brand. Existence sweetened somewhat touch of classic shades of variation in the stop lights round the rear fender to choose a minimalist model.

"Everybody is carrying out a initial concept. So, don't waste in the original model. But, a smaller amount extreme as it is created for special comfort. In addition Z look-Scorpio also still seems such as the initial, "Ilham clear on his placed on Jl. Maharaja, Block J2, No. 12, Depok. (


From Mono to Double

You will find different whenever we see these mounts in comparison using the original look of Yamaha Scorpio-Z. Have a look in the stern side, specially in the feet-kak. Within the drastic changes which happen carried out Ilham taste for classic motorcycle chase.

"I am juggling a part of shocks which are monosok types of the guarana plant, a double tomorrow. Do question why? The reason is apart from to follow along with the initial idea of the alteration, seemed to be made a lot more comfortable, "Ilham sure.

Hence, your swing arm round fishing rod types of waste motor sport, entrusted to produce a stable stone that carries the trunk shock damping quasi double YSS. But forcing your swing arm mounting as modified, in addition to quasi double fishing rod holder in order.


Front rim: TK 300x18

Rear rim: Cham 3.50 x17

Tank: Custom

Exhaust: Supertrapp

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