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The coming year, Yamaha will definitely put a brand new skubek models in Indonesia. Skubek apparently even fall into line will complement the present Yamaha skubek today.

Some sources point out that the Yamaha is going to be transporting the brand new skubek fuel injection technology and it is designed particularly for ladies.

Well, two traits have there been appeared to Yamaha Nozza who had recently been paved in Vietnam. Yamaha includes a platform Nozza very little not the same as the once rumored Yamaha Fiore could be offered in Indonesia.

A while ago, they had examined the motorplus-online.com Yamaha Fiore. In the engine to particular features won't be very different in the Yamaha Nozza. Click the link revisit ride Yamaha Fiore first session.

Engine 4 stroke SOHC single-cylinder 113cc Yamaha Nozza outfitted with fuel injection. Stated to attain strength equal to 5.4 KW Yamaha Mio.

Was the look, certainly appropriate for ladies. Even just in Vietnam Yamaha Yamaha Nozza also devoted to women. Is visible in the elegant shape and sweet.

Some features will also be appropriate for ladies. Baggage underneath the seats of relief, stated to obtain a helmet. Circumference is just 12-inch wheels also allow it to be simpler within the drive.

Getting awesome again, when was very relieved foot rest. So also having a gas tank that's now behind the leading body cover. Content of gasoline easier without having to open the chair and from the bike.

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