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Blackburne (1913 - 1922)

Blackburne is really a trade title of PT Burney & Blackburne the industry British motorcycle manufacturer between your years 1913 - 1922 in Tongham near Farnham, Surrey. ...

McEvoy (1926 - 1929)

McEvoy is really a British brand motorbike factory in Derby. The organization uses machines Villiers, Blackburne, British Anzani and JAP. The organization finally closed the item ...

Ner-a-Vehicle (1921 - 1926)

Ner-a-Vehicle is a kind of motorcycle front feet (ft forwards motorcycle) which was created by Carl Neracher in 1918. About 6,500 models are thought to possess been created between ...

Excelsior (1896 - 1964)

Excelsior is really a manufacturer of bicycles, motorcycles, and cars United kingdom, located in Coventry. Those are the company's first motorcycle within the United kingdom / Britain, began production ...

Zenith (1904 - 1950)

Zenith Motor is really a British motorcycle manufacturer which was established in Stroud Eco-friendly, Finsbury Park in 1904 before moving to numerous locations in and

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